One of the challenges that gets repeated at least 24 times in the book of Deuteronomy is, “REMEMBER.” In other words, “Don’t FORGET…that the Lord rescued you from Egypt…” (Dt 4:20; 5:15) “Don’t FORGET that…the Lord is God both in heaven and earth…” “REMEMBER what the Lord your God did…” (Dt 7:18-19) “REMEMBER how theContinue reading “DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER!”

How Hungry Are You?

The Bible has a lot to say about fasting. For instance, there are at least 74 separate references to fasting in the Bible. 74… The list of people in the Bible who fasted reads like a “Who’s Who” list of Bible greats. People like Moses, David, Elijah, Esther, Daniel, Anna, Paul, and even Jesus.  SomeContinue reading “How Hungry Are You?”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 5

Preparations for Passover Thursday — “T-minus 1 day and accounting” — begins a long stretch of hours for Jesus that will include…  preparation for Passover,time with His closest friends,a lesson about humility and servanthood,the celebration of Passover,moments in worship,moments of loneliness, and,perhaps the most passionate time of prayer in recorded history. After Jesus got up onContinue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 5”


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