One of the challenges that gets repeated at least 24 times in the book of Deuteronomy is, “REMEMBER.” In other words, “Don’t FORGET…that the Lord rescued you from Egypt…” (Dt 4:20; 5:15) “Don’t FORGET that…the Lord is God both in heaven and earth…” “REMEMBER what the Lord your God did…” (Dt 7:18-19) “REMEMBER how theContinue reading “DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER!”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 6

It was probably sometime after midnight that Judas and a huge crowd of armed men entered the garden with swords and clubs to arrest Jesus.  The group that arrived was definitely overkill. It included Judas, a group of leading priests, the captains and members of the temple guard, elders from the Jewish religious system –Continue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 6”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 5

Preparations for Passover Thursday — “T-minus 1 day and accounting” — begins a long stretch of hours for Jesus that will include…  preparation for Passover,time with His closest friends,a lesson about humility and servanthood,the celebration of Passover,moments in worship,moments of loneliness, and,perhaps the most passionate time of prayer in recorded history. After Jesus got up onContinue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 5”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 4

Wednesday is often referred to as a day of silence. But you could also call it a day of worship and community. Because on that day, Jesus honored the Father by shepherding His people, spending time with good friends, and receiving worship and an anointing from an unnamed woman.  On Wednesday — just two days beforeContinue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 4”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 3

Tuesday was a whirlwind of activity. It probably won’t surprise you that Jesus went back to the temple to teach and minister again. In fact, he spent the majority of that Tuesday in the temple. We’ll describe more about that in a few moments. But, right now, let’s walk step-by-step through the action that took place onContinue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 3”

The Week That Changed the World: Part 2

On Monday, as Jesus and His disciples were returning to Jerusalem, He was hungry. Spotting a fig tree, He walked towards the tree hoping for the first century equivalent of a “fast food” breakfast. When He reached the tree, there was nothing on it but leaves. According to the ESV Study Bible, the fruit ofContinue reading “The Week That Changed the World: Part 2”

The Week That Changed The World

On Good Friday, the most sophisticated religious system of its time, allied with the most powerful political and military empire on the planet, aligned themselves against one solitary man — the only perfect man who has ever lived. God in the flesh. Jesus, a thirty-something-year-old man from a town in the middle east known asContinue reading “The Week That Changed The World”

Silence Isn’t a “Fixer.” Silence Is A Listener

What Job’s Friends Got Right.Principles for Friends Who Get “In The Trenches”: In the last two posts we covered the four things Job’s friends got RIGHT. In this post, we’ll wrap up this series on Job’s friends with the final two principles.   5. They STAYED, and, at first, they were SILENT. Then they satContinue reading “Silence Isn’t a “Fixer.” Silence Is A Listener”