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A Blog For People Who’ve Given Up On Blogs

The world is full of information, so why does it need another blog? As a lifelong learner, I’m a curator of life-experiences, research + creativity, with a passion for study. I want to understand the world — and everything in it — in a way that I can help others understand it better as well. If knowledge is power, my goal is to ensure that no one ever feels powerless.

What is this blog about?

It can’t really be defined because it’s not about one thing. It’s about everything. Whether you love Jesus, movies, leadership or anything in-between, this blog is for you.

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The REAL FAITH Podcast with Chris Goins features authentic, vulnerable + raw conversations on a variety of topics with a view towards looking at what God’s Word has to say about the subject. The conversations will be passionate + opinionated, but always respectful + designed to help you apply your faith + God’s Word to the real challenges of life. 
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As Lead Pastor of A2 Church in Birmingham, AL, I spend most of my time creating new content on the one thing that remains constant + true — Jesus’ love for YOU. To hear more about that, you can join me on campus or online.